We rotate play groups throughout the day, ensuring abundant playtime in our secure fenced yard. Additionally, we love to enhance their experience with invigorating hikes, all conducted on leash for their safety. Your furry friends are in for a treat as we strive to provide a balanced and joyful environment at Dott’s Place.
Employees are thoroughly trained how to administer medications and any protocols needed for dogs with special needs/allergies. If you have a dog with special needs, please inform an associate and we will gladly accommodate their needs.
Dogs sleep individually in their crates inside their designed kennel room.
We offer transportation services with an additional fee.
Yes, with an additional $50 convenience fee.
All new dogs are first introduced to the owner’s pack to evaluate dog interaction and behavior before ever being introduced to other client’s dogs. When they are introduced to other client’s dogs, they are introduced in a controlled environment or pack walk.
No worries, they will still get the same amount of playtime and attention as social dogs.
Yes! Our employees are thoroughly trained to make sure your dog’s needs are met and monitored 24/7 in or out of the crate.
We encourage you to bring your dog’s favorite blanket or bedding. If not, we can provide bedding upon owners approval.
Due to safety and health concerns, we do place every dog in a crate when unsupervised to protect their wellbeing as well as for other dogs and employees.
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